Here is a list of books I have used in my research that you may find interesting to read.  If you can’t find hard copies, some may be found digitalized online. There are a few, which I’ve marked *, you will likely never find. I haven’t been able to obtain copies for my personal library, I was fortunate enough to have kind folks lend me their copy.

Seventy Years on the Frontier by Alexander Majors 1893.

History of Morris County 1820-1890 by John Maloy.

The Story of Council Grove by Lalla Maloy Brigham 1921.

Charles G. Parker Wagonmaster on the Trail to Santa Fe by Charles (Bob) Strom, 1999.

*My Three Fourths of a Century by Henry Kingman.

On Two Continents by Hezekiah Brake, 1896.

Emigrant Life in Kansas by Percy G. Ebbutt, 1886.

Black Settlers on the Kaw Indian Reservation by Jim Sharp, 2008.

Diary of Susan Hallmark, 1887-1892.

That Town Called Parkerville by Bob Strom, 1996.

*Biography of James Preston Scott Jr. by S. C. Scott, 1937.

*Family Records of Lemuel Snodgrass and Richard Scott and Their Related Families compiled by Samuel C. Scott 1928.

Cutler’s History of the State of Kansas published by A.T. Andreas in 1883.

The 1912 Kansas Cyclopedia.

Thirteenth Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners of the State of Kansas for the year ending November 30th 1895

Five Years a Dragoon By Percival Greene Lowe 1906.

*A Quarter-Inch of Rain By E. T. Anderson printed by McCormick-Armstrong Co. Inc. Wichita , Ks. 1962 [Boxes of this book were destroyed in a fire at Bethel College]

Soldiers In The Army Of Freedom By Ian Spurgeon, University of Oklahoma Press 2014.

Keep The Flag To The Front by Bill McFarland, 2008

The Darkest Period by Ronald Parks, University of Oklahoma Press 2014.

*Clarks Creek Township A history compiled in the 1980s I believe.

Uncle Dick Wootton by Richens Lacey Wootton & Howard Conard 1890.

The Herald of Truth Mennonite Periodical from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Library